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Binding and finishing


Binding & finishing

The most popular is carpet binding. This is a cloth that is sewn to the outer edge of the carpet. It gives it a clean edge and will keep it from fraying.
Another type of finish is called surging. This is a wrapped mostly cotton yarn that is sewn to the carpet edge to give it a more classic look.
We also offer fringing as it was more popular in some years back. We still get requests for that application still today.

We strive to be "Outside the box" innovators.
The mind of Glenn is truly remarkable. He thought of a way to be different once again.
Carpets To Go now offers wide cotton binding and to make it more top shelf we also offer nail heads.

Glenn's vision is all about the details…..
Stay tuned as Glenn's mind is always thinking about the next floor candy option.

Carpet binding is a material that is sewn onto the outer edges of the carpet to keep the border clean and neat. The color of the fabric is typically matched to the rug so the edge is not noticeable, but can also be selected for intentional contrast. It adds a tailored look and a classic, elegant finish that holds up to heavy foot traffic and vacuuming.

Depending on the style desired, the binding can be subtle or wide. Wide cotton binding offers a distinct look and feel and adds an elegant border to your custom area rug. This application is used mainly on lower pile carpets. It creates a border effect in either cotton or leather.

Carpet serging is a finishing method in a class of its own. Serging is a spun thread sewn onto the edge of the carpet. It is typically seen on custom area rugs, decorative runners, and elegant oriental rugs. Carpet serging resembles a high end, hand-sewn edge. Many flooring stores do not offer this option in-house, as it is an art form that needs mastering, but we are proud to offer carpet serging along with all other edge finishing fabrications at Carpets To Go. We stock over 80 serging colors in our showroom in Howell, NJ to best fit your decor.

Carpet fringing is a popular way to finish decorative runners and area rugs. It adds a pop of texture and a differentiated design that suits many interior design needs. Carpet fringing includes adding long tassels to the edges of a round, rectangular, or square. At Carpets To Go, we stock four different types of fringe to finish carpets, and can even re-fringe an existing rug if needed.



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