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Edging for carpets

Not every carpet purchase is a wall-to-wall installation, and in such cases, you'll need professional carpet binding for the best long-term results. The more you know about your options, the better choices you can make while shopping. These carpet edging facts can give you a great start toward that information and help you feel confident when discussing these needs with your flooring specialist.

Area rugs and runners

In most cases, binding creates an edging for area rugs and runners, which will fray and unravel without the edge. This service offers much more than protection and gives you a new layer of visual appeal from carpet binding that can cater to your personality and décor. Each type of binding is unique, and we can customize it to fit your preferences and needs.

A simple binding includes a piece of cloth or binding tape to secure the edging, and the purpose is rooted in protecting against fraying and raveling. You can also choose carpet serging, which looks and acts much like a hand-sewn edge. Cotton yarn is a specific product used to create this look, offering a classic, simple result that lasts for years.

Fringe is another option, which seals the edges, but carpet fringing also creates little fibers or yarns that hang in your length. Years ago, this method was used to close off the rug's ends with hand-knotting when machines weren't readily available. These days, they are mainly used for
beauty and elegance, especially with intricately designed rugs.

Your need and rug placement will determine your binding need, which you can share with us for advice and options. Once you choose a product, we'll give you all the details. And you can stop by today to get started.



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