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Luxury vinyl planking


Luxury vinyl planking

Luxury Vinyl Planking (LVP) is the new sheriff in town in the Flooring World.

This type of flooring has been proven to be the most invasive floor type in this industry this far. However, not all vinyl floors are created equal.
There are many manufacturers of these types of floors and they are not all equal by any means.

Most people ask the general question. Do you sell the waterproof floors?

The answer is “Yes” we do. However we ask many follow up questions to make sure that we are showing you the right fit for your floor application.

Our first question is, why do you want a water proof floor? A usual answer is, well it’s for my basement and sometimes we get water.

Well just to let you know this crazy fact none of the manufactures warranty the 100 % Water Proof floor if it gets wet under the floor.

Isn’t that an interesting fact.

We study the warranty & claims from the different manufacturers so you don’t have to.

Always purchase flooring from whom you are the most comfortable with because that is whom will have your back.

Vinyl planking captures the grain of natural wood and stone with the durability and longevity of vinyl. Its multi-layered construction allows it to withstand impacts, scratches, and spills—making it a great option for a busy home or office with a lot of foot traffic. Vinyl planking is both scratch resistant and waterproof and is a common selection in areas that are prone to humidity, such as kitchens, basements, and bathrooms.

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Homes with children and pets often benefit from installing vinyl planking. It boasts a softer feel than hardwood flooring with added traction and durability. On top of that, it does not absorb or trap allergens, odors, water, or stains. vinyl planking resists heat and sunlight. It maintains its shape and stability, ensuring a comfortable temperature in each and every season.
Vinyl planking comes in several different designs and styles. At Carpets To Go, we carry several stylish options including Adura Max, Floorte, COREtec Plus, and Moduleo to name a few. Every available option has a sturdy surface that is beautiful and easy to clean, adding a natural look and feel to your interior design with the luxury of a low maintenance solution.
Luxury vinyl planking in Bayville, NJ from Carpets To Go
Click-and-lock vinyl planking is durable and simple to install. It’s perfect for DIY projects, or you can choose to have our highly-trained Carpets To Go installation experts to do it for you. At our showroom in Howell, NJ and Brick, NJ, our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you choose from a wide variety of traditional, exotic, and distressed looks to fit your individual interior design style.