It’s easy to see why carpet is the most popular flooring option for so many homes and businesses—there's a tremendous amount of colors, styles, and textures to choose from! We invite you to visit our massive flooring showroom in Howell, New Jersey, where we always have a wide variety of carpet types, styles, and colors In-Stock. Whether you’re in the market for plush, berber, friezes or commercial carpet, we have the carpet that you need.

Carpet Remnants

A great option for homes and offices that have a smaller area to cover, carpet remnants are the easiest and most cost-effective way to purchase high-quality carpeting for all of your specific interior design needs. Our In-Stock Carpet Remnants start at $99 and our professional staff can assist you in selecting just the right durable carpet for your home or place of business.

Carpet Tiles

Often used in place of rolled carpet, carpet tiles are square sections of carpeting that make the process of installing carpeting in any room easy and stress free, making them a popular option for DIY projects. This is a great option for rooms with complex layouts, and these tiles are easy to trim and to make custom edges.

Area Rugs

An excellent way to liven up a home or office, adding a custom area rug to your home or office helps create a vibrant, welcoming atmosphere. Area rugs naturally compliment hardwood and laminate flooring by adding beautiful, functional contrast. Carpets To Go creates custom area rugs to fit your exact size, shape, and border preferences—all done In-House!

Decorative Runners

Add a splash of color and style to your hallway or staircase with stylish, durable, and practical decorative runners. Also referred to as stair runners, they perfectly complement hardwood flooring, and add an immediate pop of elegance in your foyer and hallways.

Home Theater Carpet

Home theaters add an element of luxury to a home and can increase the resale value of a house—it's no surprise they've grown so popular in recent years! More than comfort, home theater carpet dampens sound and helps minimize the disturbance to surrounding rooms. At Carpets To Go, we offer home theater carpet options to fit every taste and budget.

Binding & Finishing

When it comes to edging your carpets, we offer you the most options to choose from. We professionally bind, serge, fringe, or braid all carpeting In-House, giving us complete control over the quality and turnaround time—allowing us to pass the value onto you. With our tremendous amount of carpet inventory, you will find what you need at Carpets To Go.

Hardwood Flooring

A popular choice for residential and commercial design alike, hardwood flooring is one of the longest-lasting, most durable, and easiest-to-clean flooring options available on the market. Our selections of Oak, Maple, Walnut, Cherry, Birch, and Hickory, as well as several exotic hardwoods, will add value and warmth to your home.

Vinyl Planking

A more practical, cost-effective option, vinyl planking captures the authentic look and texture of natural wood or stone without the associated high-cost and maintenance. Compared to hardwood, it has a softer feel and does not absorb or trap allergens, odors, water, or stains. Vinyl planking also maintains its shape and stability, ensuring a comfortable temperature in each and every season, ensuring beauty for years to come.